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.the prince and the knight by shikabane-no-bousou

I like the detail you put into it. The poses look really cool and also I enjoy how Cal is there to as well. The shading you put in is a...

Bob(CRITIQUE PLEASE) by Ask-Rin-02

Oh my ....this......this is true if you excuse me I'm going 2 burn all my drawings from the true beauty I have witnessed i...



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Sup ok first off im a Christian and my fandoms are Slenderman, bravest warriors ,homestuck ,my religion, skillet, adventure time ,marble hornets, zombies, gas masks ya know the usual and I hope u enjoy k

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(╯°□° )╯︵ ┻━┻  we shal all flip tables!

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MAN YOUR STATIONS THE BRITISH ARE COMING!!!!!! oh no wait its just the markers ಥωಥ

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Which Hetalia Character Are You?
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Okay so for thoughs of you that know about what I hate about yeah know, gender issues, well sad to say it's beginning to grow worse and for thoughs who don't know I'm sorry to say I will not tell's confusing to what I'm talking about for thoughs who don't know. If you see my profile it doesn't honestly show my gender anymore for thoughs who don't know yet. I'm not going trans....but for know I just still have my hate for, yeah know.....

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